Employee of the Month for August


Our Employee of the Month for August is Maribel! Month after month, she continues to impress as one of our Head Nurses. Maribel’s positive attitude, dedication and organizational skills help keep the upstairs hospital operations functioning smoothly. She was also instrumental on working on our detailed Nurses Roles and Responsibilities list. These efforts to streamline things have never been more important than during the last few months with the increased number of procedures and surgeries. Not only does Maribel display strong leadership skills, but all the staff enjoys working with her. Clients lover her as well and they really appreciate her cute pet photos and updates on their pets. Her biggest fan, however, remains Ash, who is spoiled beyond belief thanks to Maribel doting on him. We are all lucky to work alongside Maribel and, for that reason, she is to be celebrated this month. Well done, Maribel!

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