Whatever service your pet needs, his or her comfort is vital to a successful health outcome. As a pet owner, your comfort is just as important. Our calm and welcoming environment will help relax your pet and make the visit less stressful for you. From the moment you arrive and are placed with your pet in an exam room we have the comfort of you and your pet in mind.

Semiannual physical examinations are essential for maintaining your animal’s good health. more >

This is an exciting, important time in your life, as well as, your pet’s, and there is TONS to learn. At Bulls’ Head Pet Hospital. we are here to help! If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 203.324.5711. more >

We are pleased to offer both wellness and sick pet exams for Hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, birds, reptiles, amphibians and any other types of pets. more >

Specialty Medical and Dental Services

Doggy breath? No problem! Our dental suite is fully equipped with state of the art digital oral x rays, ultrasonic scaler and all the necessary tools to keep your pet’s mouth healthy and clean. Our doctors and team of highly trained technicians will scale, polish and clean all surfaces of your pet’s teeth. If the need should arise for oral surgery, the doctors at BHPH have the skill and knowledge to treat even the worst case of dental disease. While your pet would be anesthetized for this procedure, all pets are treated as individuals and their anesthetic protocols will be tailored to their life stage and overall health.

Whether routine ovariohysterectomy (spay) or neuter, or advanced soft tissue surgeries, our surgical team is dedicated to ensuring your pet’s experience is as pleasant and pain free as possible. We utilize human quality anesthetic protocols and medications. Each pet receives anesthetic treatments that are specifically tailored to their individual needs. Compassionate pain management is utilized in all cases!

Our hospital is equipped with state of the art equipment to assess your pet’s bones and organs with digital radiographs (Xrays) and sound waves (ultrasound.) Our doctors have advanced training in accurate diagnostic imaging, interpretation, and diagnosis. This diagnostic testing is conveniently performed at BHPH without unnecessary exposure to radiation.

During business hours, we are ready for anything that walks through our door. Each team member at the front desk, kennel and hospital area is trained in triage (rapid assessment of health status) in order to quickly help any pet at any time. Our doctors will immediately attend to your pet to determine the cause of your emergency and initiate treatment. We have an in-house laboratory which allows our doctors  immediate access to any pet’s metabolic status thus enabling them  to most effectively treat your pet during an emergency situation. more >

BHPH is now offering digital consultations, a telemedicine service called TeleCare. We know that sometimes you just want the peace of mind of speaking to a veterinarian even when you can’t leave the house. We’ll be using the conferencing app Zoom to bring you a video consultation that’s as close to coming to our office as you and your pet can get from the comfort of your couch! The cost for this service is $72 for a 20 minute consultation. more >

Ever feel guilty leaving your dog home alone while you are at work? Perhaps your dog is unable to attend day care due to breed, health restrictions or age. If any of the above applies, come explore our newest service at BHPH called “Play/Care”. more >

There is no place like home. However, BHPH’s boarding facility, built in 2005, can provide your pet with the next best place. more >

Pet Lodging includes housekeeping, use of our dishwasher-sanitized bowls, high quality Sierra Natural Holistic Premium Chicken dry dog food, comfy Kuranda cots with soft fleece toppers, Kong treats, 3-4 outdoor playtimes, and medication administration, if necessary. Additional walks and tooth brushing are also available for a small fee.

Medical Boarding is for pets with “special needs” as determined by the doctor (e.g diabetes, seizures) and for pets under three months of age. It carries a slightly higher fee based on the intensive care these pets require.

On Wednesdays, our experienced pet lodging staff offers a FREE spa day-birthday bath in the month of your pet’s birthday. This includes bath, thorough brush out, and clipping of nails.

Sandi Russo, trained at the institute for dog grooming, provides breed specific, personalized clipping and trimming to give your pet the right amount of ooh-la-la. more >

* for boarding drop offs, pick ups or purchasing items only-no medical appointments

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