Employee of the Month for July


Our Employee of the Month for July is Elmer! Over the last several months, the kennel was quieter than normal due to COVID-19 and clients working from and staying close to home.  In July, things really picked up and the kennel has become very busy. Elmer has really taken charge and kept things running smoothly down there. He has been working tirelessly taking care of the pets and also cleaning the building after the pets have settled in for the night. Elmer is a really hard worker and seldom stops moving whether he is bringing pets in or out, bathing, walking, feeding or medicating them or even sending pet photos to owners. We really appreciate all he does for the pets as well as all the behind scenes work he takes care of. Not only does he keep the building clean, but also organized and safe by putting away deliveries and getting rid of trash and cardboard boxes. Great Job, Elmer and congratulations on your win!

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