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All pets admitted MUST BE CURRENT ON THEIR PHYSICAL EXAM AND VACCINES. For your convenience, all vaccinations can be updated during your pets stay with us. Exams need to be scheduled separately from daycare or pet lodgings. We will no longer perform exams on pets that are staying here for daycare or pet lodging. If your pet is due for an exam, or if you have concerns that you would like addressed, then you must schedule an exam with a Doctor, on a separate date (Link to Appointment Request Form) Bull’s Head Pet Hospital will NOT be responsible for toys, bedding, medications, or prescription diets.” The “Pet Lodging Form” – add the “Administer Vaccine” radio button from daycare form AND Disclaimer also needs to change to match the new one above (it That being said, it occurs to me that he can program 2 additional forms, the ePad/DocuSign admit form (both a dental and medical version). With updated online versions of the Daycare, Pet Lodging, and Admit forms with new disclaimer uploaded, we can get rid of DocuSign. NOTE: Sadly, a lawyer client refused to sign the original Admit form, that had the Dental Extraction language on it, even with a clear disclaimer on it, so we were forced to create 2 nearly identical versions, one for Dentals and one for Non Dentals. Best, David Daniels, Veterinary Nurse (CVT) Hospital Administrator Bull’s Head Pet Hospital
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