Personalized grooming, clipping and bathing for all breeds of dogs by Sandi Russo.

Sandi trained at The Connecticut School for Dog Grooming.  She provides breed specific, personalized clipping and trimming to give your pet just the right amount of ooh-la-la.  Sandi uses a natural, pleasant smelling shampoo and brushes out your pet and clips the nails. She can also express the anal glands and clean and remove excessive ear hair upon request.

Appointments are available with Sandi Russo from Monday to Friday. Pets can be dropped off for grooming and picked up mid day or stay for the day. Sandi’s fees vary according to pet size and coat condition.

  • Personalized clipping and trimming
  • Brushing out the coat
  • Bathing with all natural shampoo
  • Pedicure
  • Anal gland expression
  • Cleaning and hair removal from ears

Bath or Grooming Form
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Bath or Grooming Form
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To Make a Grooming Appointment Call 203-324-5711 x102 or use the online form.


FREE SPA DAY-Birthday Baths
On Wednesdays, our experienced pet-lodging staff offers a FREE spa day-birthday bath in the month of your pet’s birthday. This includes bath, thorough brush out, clipping of nails, anal gland flushes and ear cleaning (if necessary).

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