Pet Activity and Behavior Tracking Tech and Other Cool Pet Gadgets

Fi Smart Dog Collar and Sure Pet Care SMART Collars

FI Inc. (Barking Labs Corp) has developed the Fi Smart Dog Collar a cutting edge GPS Dog Tracker & Activity Monitor.

  • Great for locating your lost dog

They have a “Tri Fi Risk Free Offer.” With warranty (see bottom of the main page link above).

Available for purchase, along with accessories at:

Sure Petcare (SureFlap Ltd., part of Merck Animal Health) has developed the Animo, an Activity Tracker & Behavior Monitor for dogs, similar to a Fit-Bit for the dog’s collar.

  • Great for learning your dog’s activities and behaviors

Other Merck Animal Health smart products available, including an auto-feeder and smart cat door, as well as 15% discount available by clicking here:

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