Employee of the Month for July


Our Employee of the Month for July is Robin. Though she has been here a little less than a year, Robin has learned the role of a Dr. Assistant and has become very comfortable and confident in that position. With her experience, she is now often found teaching other staff that role. During appointments, not only is she very caring with the pets, but she is thorough on getting patient histories from clients and keeping the Doctors on track timing-wise. In addition to being a Dr. Assistant, Robin also is a wonderful resource when it come to exotics, including our African Gray Parrot, with her prior experience working with them. During lunchtime, our resident parrot, Charlotte, can usually be found perched on Robin’s arm eating a special treat or two. As you can see, Robin has been a great addition to our team in many respects and for this reason, we celebrate her as our July Employee of the Month.

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