Employee of the Month for February


Our Employee of the Month for February is Robin. This month, she has been particularly  helpful as both a Dr. Assistant and Concierge.  She is a real team player and she has been very flexible filling in for ill staff or staying late to finish up work end of the day.  She continues to shine as a DA and can often be found as the Concierge when she is not in the exam rooms. Wherever she is, she is focused on getting things done so the doctors stay on time and clients get responses in a timely manner. The only time you may not find her is at lunchtime, when she is often in the kennel feeding and walking around with Charlotte, our African Grey Parrot.  Robin has a deep love of exotics, and lots of experience working with them, so she and Charlotte are best friends. In fact, Charlotte often perches on her shoulder late in the day while she works away answering emails and voicemails for the doctors. Whether with exotics, dogs, cats or staff, Robin is a dedicated employee and for that we celebrate her as our Employee of the Month.

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