Bull’s Head Pet Hospital is returning to curbside-only care starting Wednesday, January 5, 2022, until further notice.

Dear Valued BHPH Client,


Bull’s Head Pet Hospital is returning to curbside-only care starting Wednesday, January 5, 2022, until further notice.

Rest assured, BHPH remains open and fully operational.  We continue to care for all:

  • Exams, hospital procedures, and brief treatments with our doctors or nurses
  • Dentistry and other important surgeries
  • Pet admittances for day care, pet-lodging, or grooming

As always, we’re committed to providing a safe environment.  You and your pet’s health remain our top priority, as we deal with the risks surrounding COVID-19.  All staff is required to wear masks; BHPH continues to follow CDC guidelines.  Meantime, we‘ve put the following protocols and procedures into place:

– If you’re not feeling well, or may be at risk of exposure to COVID-19, please stay home.  Instead, ask a healthy friend or family member to bring your pet to our facility.
– Please complete the required Pre-Exam Questionnaire Form (clickable link).  Submit it 72 hours prior to your pet’s appointment, so the doctor can review it in advance.

BHPH Curbside-Care Procedures:

Upon arrival, please text the following to (475) 256-6044:

  1. Your name and your pet’s name
  2. Color/make/model of your car and location
  3. For doctor’s exam: Name of doctor you’re scheduled to see  (Dr. Steven Zeide, Dr. Nolan Zeide, Dr. Alan Shanker, or Dr. Jessica Greenberg) OR
  4. For grooming, pet-lodging, and day care: Here to pick up or drop off from grooming, pet-lodging, or day care

Please wait in your vehicle with a mask on as BHPH responds with the following:

  • For doctor’s appointment, you’ll receive a Zoom link to attend the exam virtually
  • Staff will come out to get your pet and check them in
  • Staff will use a BHPH leash only on pet (cats in carriers only)
  • Staff will leash pet thru window, then open door
  • After appointment, staff will return the pet to your car; please lower the window for leash removal
  • Exam report will be emailed to you with instructions for future recommendations or any doctor follow-up contact
  • Credit card on file will be charged

Food and Prescriptions:

  • All orders must be requested BEFORE arriving at BHPH.  You may make the request via the PetDesk app, the BHPH online request form: BHPH Food and Prescriptions Online Request Form (clickable link) or by calling (203) 324-5711 option 2.
  • Pickups of food or medicines will be brought to your car
  • Please follow above curbside-care procedures before BHPH arrival
  • Prescription refills/food can be delivered to your home with no extra charge for delivery
  • If unable to come to BHPH and don’t want delivery, we’ll write a prescription to get it online

Our hospital is thoroughly disinfected, continuously, every day with the most advanced and effective disinfectants available.  BHPH will continue to ensure proper measures are taken to minimize any potential risk to you and your pet.  As a community, we’ll get through this together.

Thank you for your trust,

Bull’s Head Pet Hospital

* for boarding drop offs, pick ups or purchasing items only-no medical appointments

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