Employee of the Month for October

This month we celebrate Kimber as our Employee of the Month for October. Kimber comes to work everyday with a positive attitude, a smile on her face and a contagious laugh. (She also sometimes comes to work with her yellow Lab, Max)  All of her attributes make her so much fun to work with wherever she is found, whether out front as a CSR or in the back as a Dr. Assistant or Concierge.  Her gentle manner and soft voice make clients feel welcome, pets cared for, and her coworkers enjoy working with her. She is also great at multi-tasking, reliable and always gets the job done. For these and many other reasons you can see why Kimber was the obvious choice. We know you will agree!

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September Employee of the Month

This month we celebrate Maya! We are very fortunate that Maya decided to join BHPH last February. In a relatively short time, she has become an integral part of the team and certainly even more so, on the team of Nurses. Maya got off to a great start working with Maribel and learning the ropes. Since Maribel's departure, she has taken on more of a leadership role thanks to her LVT skills, her organizational skills and suggestions on ways we can do things more efficiently based on her past experience at other hospitals.  Thank you, Maya, for all you do,  especially for the pets you care for. You are a valued member of the team.

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Empoyees of the Month for August

This month, we recognize our Kennel Staff for working tirelessly this summer. Ixmucane, Teddy, Chase and Elmer all did a wonderful job of keeping PL pets fed, exercised, bathed and medicated and the runs and play area clean all summer long. This was no easy feat as over the past few years, our kennel has gotten busier and busier, not just over the big holiday weekends. Despite more dogs in-house,  there were very few reported cases of sick pets or client complaints. This alone is a testament to how hard they all worked to keep all the pets healthy and safe. The Kennel staff may have a behind-the-scenes roll, but the results of their hard work are very visible. Great job, Kennel Attendants! Thank you for all of your hard work and making us all look good!

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Employee of the Month for July

Our Employee of the Month for July is Robin. Though she has been here a little less than a year, Robin has learned the role of a Dr. Assistant and has become very comfortable and confident in that position. With her experience, she is now often found teaching other staff that role. During appointments, not only is she very caring with the pets, but she is thorough on getting patient histories from clients and keeping the Doctors on track timing-wise. In addition to being a Dr. Assistant, Robin also is a wonderful resource when it come to exotics, including our African Gray Parrot, with her prior experience working with them. During lunchtime, our resident parrot, Charlotte, can usually be found perched on Robin's arm eating a special treat or two. As you can see, Robin has been a great addition to our team in many respects and for this reason, we celebrate her as our July Employee of the Month.

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Employee of the Month for June

For the month of June, we have two recipients of Employee of the Month. For June, we are celebrating Nina and Luisa. They both have a long history with BHPH and have filled many roles over the years from Client Service Representatives, Doctors Assistants, Concierges to Tech Assistants. If that wasn't enough, most recently they have taken on even bigger roles... Nina has become our Inventory Manager and Luisa our Front Office Manager. Both lead by example and the staff looks to them for guidance due to their long term experience working here. Both are dedicated, extremely hard workers, efficient and very good at what they do and this makes them our June Employee(s) of the Month. Please congratulate our "dynamic duo" as they both are most deserving of this award!

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The Potential Risks of Feeding a Grain-free Diet

Dear Valued Client, We have received many inquiries regarding the potential risks of feeding a grain-free diet. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently investigating a potential link between Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) and grain-free diets. Of the extremely large number of dogs currently on grain-free diets, only a small number (approximately 500) of DCM cases have been reported. While diet is suspected to play a role in these cases, the specific cause is still unknown. Some cases are thought to be associated with a deficiency in the amino acid Taurine, however this claim is still unsubstantiated. It is likely that these cases resulted from a predisposition to DCM, which then progressed due to other factors. As this is a fluid situation, we are continuing to consult with veterinary nutritionists and veterinary cardiologists, along with the FDA. At this time, the BHPH doctors feel that no drastic changes in diet are recommended. If concerned, a switch to a grain-based diet within your current brand of pet food is suggested. Taurine supplements can also be purchased online. 250mg per day is an appropriate dose, but this may not be necessary for your pet. If no grain-based foods within your current brand are presently available, brands that are recommended include Country Naturals, NutriSource, Natural Balance (lamb and brown rice), and Performatrin. Many brands that currently only offer grain-free diets, such as Acana and Merrick, are also monitoring the situation and will adjust their diets accordingly to likely include grain. More information can be found on the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University website, published by the board-certified veterinary nutritionist Dr. Lisa M. Freeman. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with specific questions regarding your pet’s health. Bringing your pet in for bi-annual examinations, where we will listen for the presence of a new heart murmur and assess other risk factors for DCM, continues to be the best form of prevention. Yours Truly, The BHPH Team

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Yappy Hour at the “Bark”lett

Yappy Hour at the "Bark"lett Thursday, June 20* 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. A Talk and Q&A with Dr. Nolan Zeide from Bull’s Head Pet Hospital at 5:30pm A few Doggie Yappy Hour Rules to keep things fun for everyone: All dogs must be monitored and on a 6ft. leash or less at ALL times. No retractable leashes. Each attendee is responsible for cleaning up after their dog. Each attendee can bring a maximum of two (2) dogs; additional dogs require separate handler. Each dog must carry a current rabies tag and be up to date on vaccines. Enjoy beverages and bites. (donation appreciated at the door) Your pup will love the Yappatizers! *Rain or Shine (Great Lawn or Silver Education Center) Yappy Hour Event PDF >

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Employee of the Month for May

This month David is our Employee of the Month for May. David has been with us two and a half years and has worn a variety of hats during that time. He has helped out as a Kennel Associate, Doctor Assistant, Concierge, Floater and most recently, a Vet Tech Assistant. He found his calling as a Veterinary Technician while attending NCC for their Vet Tech program. When he wasn't in school, David worked almost every weekend assisting the doctors in taking care of the hospitalized pets on the weekends. When not up in the hospital, he is often found assisting on IT-related projects keeping our technology up and running.Thank you David for all that you do for us in all the roles you assume. We look forward to your return to BHPH full time now that you have graduated. Congratulations on your achievement!

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Employee of the Month for April

Please congratulate Sebastian as our April Employee of the Month! Since he joined us last fall, Sebastian has made great contributions up in the hospital. With his background as a Doctor in Ecuador, he brought a strong skill set to us, but he has honed his companion animal skills even more since being with us. Though he is a bit quiet and reserved, that hasn't stopped him from stepping out of his comfort zone and doing great things. Most recently, he has taken on the role of Outpatient Tech and it has been very helpful to have a Vet Nurse assist the Doctors downstairs in the exam rooms when bloods need to be taken or fluids administered. Sebastian has also been most accommodating of our scheduling needs and he even did a stint helping out in the kennel one day! Thank you, Sebastian, for your flexibility and offering to help wherever needed most. Keep up the great work and thanks for being a valued member of our team.

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Employee of the Month for March

Congratulations to our March Employee of the Month, Amanda. Though she has not even been with us a year yet, Amanda has made an impact with clients who often mention how helpful she has been to them. She is one of the smiling faces that clients first see as they walk and in.  They like her politeness and welcoming manner as she greets them and their dog with a smile. The dogs love her too, as well they should, as she also has a pet sitting business which has helped her perfect her skills. Amanda keeps very busy up front, whether it is settling clients in exam rooms, returning client calls and emails, communicating with the Kennel or Nurses about pick ups and drop offs, doing the Doctor's lists or filling prescription refills. It's all in a day's work for her as a CSR and we appreciate her hard work and positive attitude every day. Great job, Amanda!

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