Employee of the Month for May



Our May Employee of the Month is Ixmucane, also fondly knows as Nine or Ix. This year, she has been very busy balancing her studies at NCC to become a Vet Tech with her work schedule. With school now over, Ixmucane has been around on a more regular basis and in a variety of roles including Vet Nurse in training, Floating and our new Greeter. She has worked with a variety of staff, pets and clients and seems very comfortable in her new roles. Her enthusiasm, organizational skills and attention to detail have made her very valuable in each of these areas. Most recently, she has wrangled our curbside service into a very organized process and it has helped make it much more efficient. Overall, she has made several important contributions to her various roles and, for that reason, we celebrate her this month. Great job, Ix!


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