COVID-19 Information


Dear Valued Client,

Rest assured, we are open and fully operational at BHPH. As always, we are committed to providing a safe environment in which you and your pets can receive treatment while feeling comfortable and secure. Your pet’s wellbeing, and our collective wellbeing, remains our top priority as we deal with the risks surrounding COVID-19. We will do everything we can to meet your needs pertaining to any service you need. In furtherance of all, we have put the following protocols into place:

To maintain “social distancing,” we have moved to Curbside Care ONLY.

-If you are not feeling well or may be at risk of exposure to COVID-19 please ask a healthy friend or family member to transport your pet to the hospital on your behalf.

We continue to care for all:

  • Exams, hospital procedures and brief treatments with our doctors or nurses
  • Dentistry and other important surgeries
  • Pet admittances for Daycare, Pet lodging or Grooming


We kindly request that you complete the required form, and return it to us 72 hours prior to your pet’s appointment, so that the doctor has time to review it, in advance of your visit.


Once you arrive @BHPH: please send a text message to: (203) 324-5711 with the following information, as a single line of text:

  1. Your name and your pet’s name
  2. For Doctor’s Exam: Name of Doctor you are scheduled to see  (Dr. Steven Zeide, Dr. Nolan Zeide, or Dr. Nick Milano)
  3. Color/make/model of your car

We are asking that all our patients please park at BHPH Only.

  • BHPH Staff will come out to get your pet and check them in.
  • BHPH Staff will respond to your text with a clickable link, directly, to the Doctor’s Zoom virtual waiting room. (If you will not use Zoom, please respond that you would like a phone call, and provide the best number to call you on during the exam).
  • Once in the Zoom virtual waiting room, please wait to be contacted by the BHPH staff.
  • BHPH Staff will use BHPH leash only on your pet (cats in carriers only).
  • BHPH Staff will leash pet thru window – after which they will open the vehicle’s door
  • BHPH Staff will return pet to vehicle’s after appointment – Please lower window so BHPH Staff may remove leash
  • Exam report will be emailed to you with instructions for future recommendations or any doctor follow up contact.
  • The Credit Card SECURELY stored on File will be charged



  • All orders must be called in BEFORE arriving to BHPH
  • Pick ups of food or medicines will be brought out to your car.
  • Please follow above Curbside Care procedures upon arrival to BHPH
  • Prescription refills/food can be delivered to your home with no extra charge for delivery.
  • We can write a prescription to get it online if unable to come to BHPH and dont want delivery.

Any currently scheduled appointments will remain as is. All New Preventive Care and Health spays, neuters and Wellness visits will resume scheduling as of April 13.

We are excited to announce that we will be introducing a Telemedicine service allowing exams to be conducted thru video conferencing from your home. More details to follow this week.

Finally, please rest assured that our Hospital is thoroughly disinfected continuously every day, with the most advanced and effective disinfectants available, and we will continue to ensure that we take proper measures to minimize any potential risk. Our staff has been trained and instructed in the most effective cleaning protocols for our clinic, using RESCUE, a disinfectant found effective in combating COVID-19

We are dedicated to providing you and your pet companions the very best in care, and we will continue to fulfill that promise to you regardless of external events. While we cannot be certain of how long this virus will cause disruption, we are certain that we will all get through this together, as a community. We understand that COVID-19 poses risks, but we also know our pets need and deserve care during this time.

Thank you for trusting us as your partner in your pet’s healthcare.

– The Staff at Bull’s Head Pet Hospital

Bull’s Head Pet Hospital
28 Long Ridge Rd.
Stamford, CT 06905

Phone: (203) 324-5711
Fax: (203) 975-1653