Happy Holiday Week!

Summer is here with full force! Many of you may be heading out of town during this summer and we at BHPH just wanted to address an issue that has come to our attention. There are a handful of boarding facilities that are requiring a special test on a stool sample called the Giardia Elisa. Giardia is a microscopic organism that, when present, is often found on routine screening . We do not require this specific test for boarding at BHPH nor do we test for this during wellness visits.  Additionally, the Influenza vaccination may also be required at some locations. Please inquire with your boarding/daycare facility about their requirements. If they do have the above as requirements and you wish to have the Giardia test performed at BHPH the cost is $33 and the Influenza vaccine (to be completed in a series of TWO injections 2-3 weeks apart) is $49/injection.

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