Giving Day 2021 BHPH Fundraiser UPDATE

Our Story
The Stamford Animal Shelter Alliance (SASA) is a public/private partnership established by the City of Stamford to be the official fundraising arm for the Stamford Animal Control & Care Center (SACCC), Stamford’s municipal animal shelter.

SASA’s primary mission is to work with City officials, professional architects and the SACCC staff to design a beautiful new shelter and raise the necessary funds, augmenting that which the City of Stamford can allocate to build a new, state-of-the-art animal shelter.

SASA’s Board of Directors is comprised of senior-level City of Stamford officials and volunteer residents who care deeply about the care and welfare of all animals who find themselves housed in our shelter.

We have been working closely with a team of architects who specialize in the construction of animal shelters. The new shelter will incorporate state-of-the-art design features to benefit Stamford’s homeless animal population and make it a welcoming environment for people in Stamford and throughout Fairfield County who wish to adopt a new family member. For starters, the new design will:

greatly reduce the stress our sheltered animals experience with an improved kennel layout where dogs will not face each other;
include an additional room for cats to roam about outside of their cages
include a quarantine areas for cats and dogs
provide more natural light
include a welcoming entrance
include a getting-to-know-you room for prospective adopters to interact with the animals
include an education/community room to welcome groups and host public events
have a more attractive entrance and additional parking spaces

We will need significant financial support from the public to
raise the funds necessary to build this state-of-the-art shelter. Thank you for your support on Giving Day and we hope you will join our mailing list and contact us on how you can help us achieve our fundraising goals.

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Giving Day 2021

We’re 2 weeks away from Giving Day and we wanted to reach out with some information on how we can engage our “base” of friends, family and community.

Once again, Jake Baron was kind enough to volunteer his time to create the ‘Why I Give” video. Here is that link:

Attached is a Save The Date image you can post to your personal Facebook page/Instagram accounts now. When you share this please share the story of why SASA matters to you and why you are passionate about our mission.

If you are already planning on donating on Fairfield County’s Giving Day, consider setting some of that money aside to motivate your network to take part in the fun. Offer to donate $5 for every share one of your social media posts gets – or for every new donor that makes a donation! Get creative and have fun!

If more people in your network respond better to emails than to social media posts, send the Save The Date image and share the story of why SASA matters to you and why you are passionate about our mission.

It could be a few sentences or a paragraph — whatever you’re more comfortable with! You can send them our Giving Day landing page that will be live as of 12:01am on Feb 25th.

Here is the link to the SASA landing page:

SASA will be sending along more information you can share with your networks, so be on the lookout for emails next week. Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend!

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